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Natural Disasters In A Global Environment

RRP $24.95

Natural Disasters in a Global Environment is a transnational, global and environmental history of natural and man-made disasters. Detailed case studies of past and present events are presented in a historical narrative, making use of the most recent scholarship.

  • Examines a range of disasters including volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, landslides, hurricanes, famines, and more
  • Highlights the role of science in studying natural disasters and describes the mechanisms responsible for them
  • Features a range of case studies which can be used in conjunction with one another or as standalone examples
  • Covers scientific material in a lucid and accessible style suited to  undergraduate students or those outside of scientific disciplines
  • Traces the transition of our understanding of disasters, from religious and superstitious explanations to contemporary scientific accounts

Louis H. Sullivan And A 19th - Century Poetics Of Naturalized Architecture

RRP $441.99

For most of the twentieth century, modernist viewers dismissed the architectural ornament of Louis H. Sullivan (1856â"1924) and the majority of his theoretical writings as emotional outbursts of an outmoded romanticism. In this study, Lauren Weingarden reveals Sullivan's eloquent articulation of nineteenth-century romantic practices â" literary, linguistic, aesthetic, spiritual, and nationalistic â" and thus rescues Sullivan and his legacy from the narrow role imposed on him as a pioneer of twentieth-century modernism. Using three interpretive models, discourse theory, poststructural semiotic analysis, and a pragmatic concept of sign-functions, she restores the integrity of Sullivan's artistic choices and his historical position as a culminating figure within nineteenth-century romanticism. By giving equal weight to Louis Sullivan's writings and designs, Weingarden shows how he translated both Ruskin's tenets of Gothic naturalism and Whitman's poetry of the American landscape into elemental structural forms and organic ornamentation. Viewed as a site where various romantic discourses converged, Sullivan's oeuvre demands a cross-disciplinary exploration of each discursive practice, and its "rules of accumulation, exclusion, reactivation." The overarching theme of this study is the interrogation and restitution of those Foucauldian rules that enabled Sullivan to articulate architecture as a pictorial mode of landscape art, which he considered co-equal with the spiritual and didactic functions of landscape poetry.

Tales Of The Supernatural

RRP $13.99

A collection of five ghost stories with a modern twist: Back Seat Driver: When the opportunity arose to become the owner of a classic British Leyland Mini, Ben jumped at the chance. While lovingly restoring the car, he started to become aware that all might not be as it seemed. After uncovering the history of the car, Ben realises his fears were correct and that the bond the previous owner had with the car had not yet been broken. Mary Papered Here: John was delighted to be finally moving out of his parent's house into his first own home. His joy was however soon shattered when he made a gruesome discovery which revealed the apartment's sinister past. Didn't I see You Earlier: Tom was becoming increasingly frustrated at people saying they saw him earlier in the day and he ignored them. He knew he was not in the places they thought they had seen him, but he didn't know there was a dark evil at work which would have devastating consequences for both him and his family. Where are you? Nick Jones was looking forward to spending some quality time with his son, Jamie, over the weekend. Arriving home, he discovers Jamie is not there and in a text conversation he discovers reveals Jamie is also looking for him, but neither seem to be able to find each other. When Nick's wife arrives home, the real events of that evening are revealed. The Secret at Gateway Manor: After Chris and Lisa Anderson purchase the run down Gateway Manor at a bargain price, they started work to transform it into the hotel they had always dreamed of. However, soon after work started things began to go missing, it was as though someone, or something, did not want any work to be carried out in one area of the house. Turning to local paranormal investigators, Mike and Joe, they arranged for an investigation to be carried out. The investigation produced unbelievable evidence of paranormal activity, but would this evidence ever become fully available, or will the secrets remain undiscovered. About the Author: Over thirty years of reading horror novels and real life ghost stories, along with researching all things supernatural and visiting numerous reportedly haunted locations, has to have an effect on anybody's mind! Welcome to the macabre mind of G Stewart. A mix of traditional supernatural beings, brought into the modern world with some twists and turns along the way.


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