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RRP $11.99

Is your child fascinated with the way the human body works? Do you have a budding junior biologist or doctor who's eager to learn more? DK Adventures: A Trip through the Body is a wonderful way to teach children about the human body through pictures and story. Through a combination of interesting storytelling and pictures, DK Adventures: A Trip through the Body is a great way for both avid readers and visual learners to learn more about the human body.

In this story, Dan and Mya win a science competition and are given the opportunity to experience a tour of the human body. Using exciting new technology that allows them to travel through the body as if they're shrunk, they explore the systems of the human body, get propelled around by the blood stream, and are hurtled through windpipes and through the digestive system. They must navigate around the liver and escape from white blood cells in the bone marrow and into muscles. They're even propelled up the spinal cord in this story that will captivate children while teaching them more about the human body.

DK Adventures is a book series that reluctant readers can enjoy as much as bookworms do! This series combines captivating, fictional stories with nonfiction facts to encourage learning and engagement in your child. The stories keep children interested, and the facts teach critical skills and knowledge - the fiction and nonfiction elements work together to keep each child's interest high, to build knowledge, and to enrich the narrative reading experience with fascinating background information. These books are filled with information, but the stories make them incredibly readable. DK Adventures are available in a range of kid-friendly topics, including dinosaurs, cars, and the human body, and each book supports Common Core State Standards and literacy skills.

Adventures Of A Submissive Wife

RRP $18.99

This red hot erotic novella continues the story of Suzi, a respectable wife and mother who chose to become submissive to keep her husband and found she loved it. Told from the point of view of her husband, Damion, we see Suzi's confidence as a submissive grow as she goes from one adventure to the next; each more explicit than the last. Blacked, dogged, switching and then starring in a porno, Suzi continues to have her boundaries tested. Extract: Gary held out his hand as if they were at a fifties tea dance and pulled my wife into the middle of the floor. I'd chosen a pop tune to start with and I watched the two of them jive around, Suzi taking every opportunity to shake her tits and arse in my direction, as I sat and watched them dance from a convenient armchair. Then the track changed and something a lot slower came on; Gary's cue to pull Suzi in close and hold on to her. Gary held my wife with one hand in the middle of her back and it seemed like their bodies were moulded together. Suzi's considerable tits were squashed against his broad chest and her crotch rubbed against his as they moved. Just watching them together was making me hot. The track came to an end and he lifted her face towards him with a finger under her chin. Without asking for permission, he took her lips in his and kissed her passionately. Pulling back, he spoke softly to her. "I am going to make love to you my pretty one. Lead me to your bedroom."

Masculinities In British Adventure Fiction, 1880-1915

RRP $457.99

Making use of recent masculinity theories, Joseph A. Kestner sheds new light on Victorian and Edwardian adventure fiction. Beginning with works published in the 1880s, when writers like H. Rider Haggard took inspiration from the First Boer War and the Zulu War, Kestner engages tales involving initiation and rites of passage, experiences with the non-Western Other, colonial contexts and sexual encounters. Canonical authors such as R. L. Stevenson, Rudyard Kipling, Joseph Conrad and Olive Schreiner are examined alongside popular writers like A. E. W. Mason, W. H. Hudson and John Buchan, providing an expansive picture of the crisis of masculinity that pervades adventure texts during the period.


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